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Arkoc Plastik offers high qualitative economic products and services to domestic and international markets in accordance with the needs of the construction sector, especially PVC and aluminum products. Established in March 2014, our company produces products in European standards with its 1500 m² closed production area and expert staff in Kocaeli and increases its domestic and international customer portfolio. Already working with countries like The Netherlands, Suriname, Nigeria and Iran Arkoc delivers both domestic and intercontinental.
Dama Komur Metal Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi has last technology production line in his factory with 4000 m2 closed plant in 15000 m2 land which takes place in Nigde city Our Company Supply Interior Doors , Steel Doors and Pvc & Aluminium products
We are producing u-pvc and aluminium doors , windows in Istanbul since 2000 ,We have Rehau and Poliwin brands. We use u-pvc profile system Rehau and our local brand Poliwin. In aluminium profile sytems we have local and European brands. Our factory have full automation system with cnc profile processing machines in 1.700 sqm closed area. We have automation system in pvc window and door processing. We export to France , Germany ,Sweden ,Iraq , Turkmenistan , Equetireal Guinea and Mozambique. Our windows have premier quality. We have references worldwide. We are preferred by the well known contractors in Turkey and in other countries. You can check our company's web site for the production facility and the references.
Established in 2010 by the woman entrepreneur Selma Ozsabuncu, our company is one of the leading companies in our region in architectural glass and aluminum or PVC door and window processing with its high capacity and it operates in the door, window and glass sector. Sen Ortaklar Cam continued its growth by following the developments and innovations in the construction sector where architectural glass (outdoor and indoor) are used extensively and in 2016, became "Authorized Double Glass-Double Glazing Systems Manufacturer" of Sisecam Duzcam. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, technical knowledge, sophisticated production softwares, around 20 experienced employees, and production facility equipped with modern architectural glass processing machines, Sen Ortaklar Cam continues to maintain and develop its quality level and to work effectively in the sector. Today, it has a high-tech facility located in Gemlik, Bursa with an indoor area of 1,500 m2 and an open area of 2,000 m2. It plays a leading role in the sector with its architectural glass solutions, flexible approaches and excellent services in our current facility. Sen Ortaklar Cam is capable of supplying all kinds of architectural glass (security, heat and solar controlled double glasses, decorative glasses, sound control glasses) to its customers and projects by providing architectural glass from Sisecam Duzcam. In addition to architectural glass production, Sen Ortaklar Cam started to manufacture pvc and aluminum doors and windows in 2014, expanding its product range. Our goal of entering the PVC Door-Window sector is to reduce the production costs by producing glass and frame from a single point and to offer more suitable and higher quality products to our customers. Today, our company, which has a wide product range in the production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows is the Authorized Manufacturer and Dealer of Egepen / deceuninck, Rehau, Schuco, Inoutic Winsa and Firatpen door and window systems, glass balcony and sliding glass ceiling systems, automatic shutters, garage doors, pull-down shutters, industrial doors and photocell doors. Exporting to different regions such as Israel, Canada, Germany in addition to its local dealers, our company gathers the design, production and assembly of doors and windows in architecture and buildings in a single company and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with the after sales support it provides.
Simsek Inc. since 1996 when it was founded in Turkey and abroad private and public institutions, road, infrastructure, dam, irrigation systems, superstructure, etc. projects successfully. Simsek Inc.-consolidated company culture with many years of experience, built on a solid foundation of financial structure and with reputable corporate identity in Turkey and focused on innovation and the development of the construction sector in the world, along with gaining a reputable organization identity, since 2011 active in the aluminum industry started to show. In a short period of time, the company has taken its place among the leading companies in the sector with its production based on the quality and trust approach towards the demands and demands of the sector.
Our company, established as Yapi Metal Aluminium Systems which has started its activities in aluminum joinery systems. Field of activity includes aluminum composite panel, aluminum sheet cladding, silicon facade (glazed curtain wall) aluminum cover facade, winter garden applications, automatic door systems, glass doors and folding glass balconies, handrail plexi application, automatic shutter pvc door and window systems and mosquito nets manufacturing.
Since 1980, Saray Aluminium has been playing a major role in the construction of future architectural buildings with its leading and innovative interior & exterior construction solutions. Saray manufactures aluminium door&window, curtain wall (facade) and handrail systems, aluminium composite panel, PVC door&window systems, shutter systems, various types of industrial profiles for the sectors such as machinery, lighting, elevator etc. and standard section profiles in various shapes and sizes. Saray is among the first Turkey’s Top 200 Industrial Enterprises and exports %35 of total production more than 50 countries in Europe,Asia, Africa; with its high export amounts Saray receives the “Export Stars of Turkey” award in every year. Saray Aluminium has CE, ISO 9001, Qualanod, Qualicoat, TS EN 755, TS EN 12020, SEPRO and GOST-R quality certificates. Saray is a fully integrated enterprise with its aluminium powder coating, aluminium anodizing, extrusion, casting, aluminium composite panel and pvc extrusion, shutter production facilities. With a total of 100.000 sqm covered area, production facilities are located in Cerkezkoy/Tekirdag and Gunesli/Istanbul.
As DM PVC company, we are one of the largest and reputable UPVC window and door beside Aluminium window & facade system manufacturers and Exporters in Eskisehir / Turkey more than 10 years. Furthermore, we do have also pvc decorative and sandwich panel production facility too. Our pvc joinery production capacity is around 1000 pieces per day. Our products are being sold more than 25 countries right now. We have very strong sales in France, UK, Spain and German markets. Our philosopy is providing best quality products with best service at very competitive prices. Therefore, Our company became one of most known and demanded company in the local and export market. In this context, we would like to see you in our big family.
Established in 1994, YILDIZ PVC LTD.STI., by following the technological developments has taken its place in the market by getting the manufacturer's license of EGE PROFIL, the leading company in Turkey's PVC Profile Sector. Our company, which adopts the principle of technology, innovations and customer satisfaction, has become one of the leading companies of Eskisehir in the PVC sector by making necessary investments from day one to day. Our company serves with high technology CNC robot machine park with 20.000 m² open area and 8000 m² indoor area capacity of 4,000 mt / day with an environmentally friendly process, never compromising on global standard manufacturing and installation quality. Our company, which aims to maintain its rapid growth momentum in the same direction, will continue to protect the trust of our customers and our brand with the new anticipated investments and in a prestigious position in the sector.
Alger Aluminium 35 years of industry experience with Doku Group Companies. Modern technological equipment with the pride of accomplishment first, quality safe and fast service with foreign and domestic competition to dominate the first to be successful as a principle. Our aim; preferred customer services, reliable quality, which lead the competition has become the first in the company. Alger Our main goal as aluminum; more durable, high quality, practical and aesthetic products for our customers is to provide living space. Environmental and ecological products that are friendly to human health, to our country and to gain access to affordable higher standard products to the people of the world, one of our main goals. Honest, friendly and modern work with our approach, we would like to fulfill the tasks incumbent on us for the development of the Turkish aluminum sector.
Agaoglu was founded in 1999 to sell and market PVC door and window systems. Fast, high quality, medium, and appealing to the upper segment, affordable, products serving the purpose set out Agaoglu, after years of a result of serious and hard work in 2014. As of 2016, the number of employees working in Agaoglu is over 100 people. Our product portfolio was produced by Egepen Deceuninck 808080; “> DECEUNINCK NV by purchasing FILM DECEUNINCK NV family Aluminum Systems and Winsa Aluminum Systems Egepen Deceuninck, Winsa, Flora, Inoutic, Pimas, Pimapen, Maestro, DWT, Pimas Siding, Camoda, Pimawood, Deceuninck > has the widest product range in the industry.) WinLIFE Fenster-Systeme GmbH and the GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH .
Uzay Plastik ve Orman Urunleri Sanayi Insaat Ticaret A.S. which was founded in 1996, has an outstanding place in its field of production in Turkey. The perfect profiles, which are developed by experienced Turkish and Austrian engineers with a deep and careful investigation, are produced in the factory using high-tech machinery and professional persons keeping up with the standards in every step of the production in Trabzon Industrial Zone. The factory which produces PVC window and door profiles, PVC thin wall panels systems is certified by TSE (Turkish Standardization Institue), GOST-R (Russian Standardization Institue), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and CE (Compliance European). KRAUSS PVC window and door profiles, which have excellent insulation properties, are distrubuted by qaulified and specially trained agencies and fabricating units in all over the country and abroad. The agencies and fabricating units, which utilize the lastest technology with experienced personnel, try to attain the consumer’s grantitude by submiting the products with most attractive prices within the shortest time. The company’s criteria are to utilize the lastest technology keeping up with the standards, offering competitive prices and to reach at the consumer’s maximum gratitude. Let us come and meet in KRAUSS’s ‘Exclusive Lines‘.
MYWIN PVC Window & Door System is located in Kayseri industrial zone/Turkey. Since 1996, MYWIN has been in service to its valuable customers in its 25000 metersquare, cutting edge technology production site. You can get more info related to company and its products below as well as its website. PVC Profile Technology The technology of pressing profiles from hard PVC has been developing for the last 30 years. Polyvinyl chloride is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material. Thanks to this technology, widnows that are made from this material last for many years. PVC is resistant to mechanical damages and atmospheric factors, such as rain, frost, wind, UV radiation, and changing temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent heat-retention qualities and ensures optimal acoustic insulation. Windows made of PVC do not change their shape or color in time and are easy to maintain. Production Thanks to the ease with which it can be made in practically every shape pvc is a perfect compliment for modern and traditional architecture. 
MYWIN company`s modern and fully automated production line, guarantees high quality PVC window frames. PVC Windows Probably the best invention of the window business of our modern time. Advanced technology PVC profile windows are one of the best inventions of the building industry of our modern times. PVC windows are durable, easy to process and aesthetic. If your PVC windows are manufactured properly with the quality materials and assembled by professionals you will have the best result from your windows. Your windows will provide a weather proof, sound proof , dust proof, energy efficient and maintenance free life. ACOUSTIC Insulation Tailor-made noise protection system so nothing can disturb your peaceful world Excessive noise can cause stress, sleep troubles and effect mental and intellectual performance. MYWIN pvc window systems are perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. Combined with suitable glazing, MYWIN windows can insulate interiors from sound waves up to 40 dB. This easily exceeds the recommended sound-proofing level of 30 dB for sleeping. THERMAL Insulation Shields you from exterior conditions ensuring comfort at home. PVC windows are built to withstand the heaviest weather conditions ensuring comfort indoors. No leaks, no dust, no harmful insects. A perfectly installed Pvc window with the right type of sealant will ensure %100 weather proofing. ENERGY Efficiency Reducing energy loss with energy efficient windows. Saving energy starts from the choice of right windows. One of the ways to protect our environment is reducing the use of energy. A large portion of the energy we consume in our buildings is due to heating or air conditioning. MYWIN windows keep the heat outside the building during hot summer or cold during freezing winter. This way you save resources and significantly reduce your energy bills. MAINTENANCE Free No painting, no fumigating, no cleaning a worry free solution. Maintaining your house can be expensive and time consuming. To protect your windows from weather conditions, harmful insects and most importantly to keep them looking nice regular maintenance is necessary. MYWIN windows offer you a maintenance free window solution. Painting or even cleaning is not necessary to protect your windows.
Our firm has been established in 1990 as a continuous of our carpentry career. Our vision was following the technology evolution in the field of construction materials and utilizing it to develop new production lines of PVC, aluminum, and wooden carpentry. Our mission is working professionally to obtain the trust of our clients and become reputable trade mark in our country and worldwide. Our experienced team receives all inquires of clients and try to find the best solution according to the budget of project. Trust, quality , affordable price are the base of our growth